Dr. Balaji Marotrao Dabade

Shri Guru Gobind Singhji (SGGS) Institute of Engineering & Technology
Vishnupuri, Nanded-431 606 (MS)
Email(s): bmdabade@sggs.ac.in; bmdabade@rediffmail.com
Phone : 0   Mobile: 9420538638   Fax: 0

Qualification Details

Sr. No. Qualification Institute University Year of Passing Marks/Remarks

B.E. (Hon.) (Production Engineering)

V J T I Mumbai

Mumbai University




M.E. (Mech.-Production Engineering)

N I T, Rourkela

Sambalpur University, Orissa



  • M.E. Thesis: Development of Fuzzy Part Families for Forging Components

Sponsored Projects

Principle Investigator (PI)/Coordinator: 0   Co-investigator/Co-coordinator: 2
Sr. No. Sponsoring Agency Title of the project Type of Project Amount in lakhs Year of Sanction
1DSTSMART Foundry 2020 (SMART = Sustainable Metalcasting using Advanced Research & Technology)DST - Technology System Development Program50.232016-17
2TEQIP -II-ICTDesign and fabrication of mobile blancher for turmeric processing using steam generated by solar systemsInnovation networking project12.52013-14

Research Area of Interest


Ph.D. Thesis Guided

  Completed: 9       On Going: 7    
Sr. No. Name of the Research scholar Title of the thesis Status Year
1 Uday Kiran Chavhan Some Studies on Natural Fiber Reinforced Plashes Completed Awarded on 2008-05-13
2 V. L. Jonnalagedda Some Studies in Assembly Line Balancing Completed Awarded on 2008-02-09
3 Lalit Narendra Wankhade Some Studies on Effect on Information Asymmetry Phenomenon on Product Quality Engineering And Its Management Completed Awarded on 2009-05-04
4 Pramod Anandrao Deshmukh Study Of Some Aspect Of Six Sigma Approach For Implementation In Engineering Industries Completed Awarded on 2009-01-16
5 Madhusudan Reddy 0 Thummala An Evaluation of cost of quality industries Completed Awarded on 2011-12-20
6 Abhay Bhagwanrao Kulkarni Application of TPM Concepts to the Design of Equipments Completed Awarded on 2014-01-28
7 Munjadas Sahebrao Kadam Effect On Surface Roughness And Tool Wear In Hard Turning Using Titanium Coated Carbide Tools And Optimizing The Cutting Parameters
(joint guidance with Dr. G. S. Lathkar )
Completed Awarded on 2011-12-14
8 Sandeepkumar Haribhau Wankhade Characterization of machined surface obtained with Abrasive based Hybrid Electro Discharge process Completed Awarded on 2017-05-24
9 Smruti Ranjan Bhabani Prasad Mohanty Studies on Outsourcing Issues in Indian Telecom Industries: A SCM Perspective Completed Awarded on 2015-06-09
10 Manoj Baburao Parjane Lean Manufacturing On Going0000-00-00
11 Umeshchandra Mohanrao Mane Automated Assembly Sequence Planning
(joint guidance with Dr. JVL Venkatesh )
On Going0000-00-00
12 PRASHANTH DIGAMBERRAO MACHKALE Wear Characterization of Electro Discharge Coated steel On Going0000-00-00
13 Raju Bansidharrao Bhosle Parametric optimization of micro EDM process On Going0000-00-00
14 Rajesh Prabhakarrao Parvekar Some Studies on Customization of Computer Aided Design Software On Going0000-00-00
15 Sunil Raosaheb Andhale Some Studies on Integration of Quality Function Deployment with Other TQM Tools for Implementation in Industries On Going0000-00-00
16 NAGESH MADHUKARRAO KHANDRE Some Studies on ARC Welding Process On Going0000-00-00

Master's Thesis Guided

Sr. No. Name of the Student Title of the thesis Status Level Year

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