Dr. Balaji Marotrao Dabade

Shri Guru Gobind Singhji (SGGS) Institute of Engineering & Technology
Vishnupuri, Nanded-431 606 (MS)
Email(s): bmdabade@sggs.ac.in; bmdabade@rediffmail.com
Phone : 0   Mobile: 9420538638   Fax: 0

Qualification Details

Sr. No. Qualification Institute University Year of Passing Marks/Remarks

B.E. (Hon.) (Production Engineering)

V J T I Mumbai

Mumbai University




M.E. (Mech.-Production Engineering)

N I T, Rourkela

Sambalpur University, Orissa



  • M.E. Thesis: Development of Fuzzy Part Families for Forging Components

Sponsored Projects

Principle Investigator (PI)/Coordinator: 0   Co-investigator/Co-coordinator: 2
Sr. No. Sponsoring Agency Title of the project Type of Project Amount in lakhs Year of Sanction
1DSTSMART Foundry 2020 (SMART = Sustainable Metalcasting using Advanced Research & Technology)DST - Technology System Development Program50.232016-17
2TEQIP -II-ICTDesign and fabrication of mobile blancher for turmeric processing using steam generated by solar systemsInnovation networking project12.52013-14

Research Area of Interest


Ph.D. Thesis Guided

  Completed: 11       On Going: 9    
Sr. No. Name of the Research scholar Title of the thesis Status Year
1 Uday Kiran Chavhan Some Studies on Natural Fiber Reinforced Plashes Completed Awarded on 2008-05-13
2 V. L. Jonnalagedda Some Studies in Assembly Line Balancing Completed Awarded on 2008-02-09
3 Lalit Narendra Wankhade Some Studies on Effect on Information Asymmetry Phenomenon on Product Quality Engineering And Its Management Completed Awarded on 2009-05-04
4 Pramod Anandrao Deshmukh Study Of Some Aspect Of Six Sigma Approach For Implementation In Engineering Industries Completed Awarded on 2009-01-16
5 Madhusudan Reddy 0 Thummala An Evaluation of cost of quality industries Completed Awarded on 2011-12-20
6 Abhay Bhagwanrao Kulkarni Application of TPM Concepts to the Design of Equipments Completed Awarded on 2014-01-28
7 Munjadas Sahebrao Kadam Effect On Surface Roughness And Tool Wear In Hard Turning Using Titanium Coated Carbide Tools And Optimizing The Cutting Parameters
(joint guidance with Dr. G. S. Lathkar )
Completed Awarded on 2011-12-14
8 Umeshchandra Mohanrao Mane Automated Assembly Sequence Planning
(joint guidance with Dr. JVL Venkatesh )
Completed Awarded on 2020-03-06
9 Sandeepkumar Haribhau Wankhade Characterization of machined surface obtained with Abrasive based Hybrid Electro Discharge process Completed Awarded on 2017-05-24
10 Raju Bansidharrao Bhosle Parametric optimization of micro EDM process Completed Awarded on 2020-11-04
11 Smruti Ranjan Bhabani Prasad Mohanty Studies on Outsourcing Issues in Indian Telecom Industries: A SCM Perspective Completed Awarded on 2015-06-09
12 Ankush Kishanrao Biradar Experimental Study and Analysis of Resistance Spot Welding for Dissimilar Metal having Various Range of Thickness On Going0000-00-00
13 Manoj Baburao Parjane Lean Manufacturing On Going0000-00-00
14 PRASHANTH DIGAMBERRAO MACHKALE Wear Characterization of Electro Discharge Coated steel On Going0000-00-00
15 Rajesh Prabhakarrao Parvekar Some Studies on Customization of Computer Aided Design Software On Going
16 Sunil Raosaheb Andhale Some Studies on Integration of Quality Function Deployment with Other TQM Tools for Implementation in Industries On Going
17 NAGESH MADHUKARRAO KHANDRE Some Studies on ARC Welding Process On Going
18 VISHAL RAMCHANDRA BALWAN Experimental Studies of Hard Turning Parameters for Case Hardening Steels. On Going
19 MAHESH CHANDRASHEKHAR SWAMI Mechanical & moisture absorption properties of fiber reinforced polymers On Going
20 KHOMAN KUMAR MANSINGH DEWANGAN Process Optimization for Fabrication and Wear Charecterization of Alumnium based Metal Matrix Composites On Going0000-00-00

Master's Thesis Guided

Sr. No. Name of the Student Title of the thesis Status Level Year

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