Dr. Milind Laxmanrao Waikar

Shri Guru Gobind Singhji (SGGS) Institute of Engineering & Technology
Vishnupuri, Nanded-431 606 (MS)
Email(s): mlwaikar@sggs.ac.in; mlwaikar@yahoo.com
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Ph.D. Thesis Guided

  Completed: 8       Left: 2       On Going: 4    
Sr. No. Name of the Research scholar Title of the thesis Status Year
1 Aditya Pradip Nilawar Geospatial Hydrological Modeling of Watershed Completed Awarded on 2020-01-31
2 Atul Sukhadevrao Shinde Study of Constructed Wetland Configurations for Wastewater Treatment Completed Awarded on 2021-07-31
3 N. P. Sonje Use of Information System for Infiltration Process in Rail Fall Runoff Modeling Completed Awarded on
4 Ramchandra Suresh Tatwadi Benchmarking For Performance Evaluation of Irrigation System Completed Awarded on 2008-10-18
5 Harirang Hanumantrao Shinde Water Quality Mapping and Bench Marking for Godavari River Basin Completed Awarded on 2008-09-27
6 Upendra Dattatrayarao Kulkarni Systems Approach to Management of Tanks Completed Awarded on 2014-10-16
7 AKRAM SALIM PATHAN Hydrologic Assessment and Simulations of Storm Water Conditions - A case study
(joint guidance with Dr. M. L. Waikar )
Completed Awarded on 2020-10-24
8 DATTATRAY KISAN RAJMANE Prediction of Reservior Inflow with Climate Change Effect Completed Awarded on 2021-09-24
9 SHRIDHAR ACHUTRAO BEHARE Evaluation of Civil Engineering Project using Value Innovation Left Awarded on
10 Rajiv Ganeshlal Mundada Comparative Study on Water Supply Operaion Schedules Left Awarded on 0000-00-00
11 KHANDU UTTAMRAO GHAVANE River cleaning options for Godavari River near cities Aurangabad and Nanded On Going
12 Pratap Madhavrao Aher Study of Methods Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil
(joint guidance with Dr. M. P. Rajurkar )
On Going
13 RAJU MADHAVRAO DESHMUKH Assessment of Quantity & Base water Quality in Surface water bodies in Nanded District On Going
14 Pallavi Prakash Kulkarni Conjunctive Use of Surface and Groundwater under Climate Change conditions On Going0000-00-00

Master's Thesis Guided

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