Dr. Vinod Balwantrao Tungikar

Shri Guru Gobind Singhji (SGGS) Institute of Engineering & Technology
Vishnupuri, Nanded-431 606 (MS)
Email(s): vbtungikar@sggs.ac.in; vbtungikar@gmail.com
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Qualification Details

Sr. No. Qualification Institute University Year of Passing Marks/Remarks



SRTMU Nanded



M.Tech ()

IIT Kharagpur



B.E. (Mechanical Engineering)

Govt. College of Engg Aurangabad

Marathwada University Aurangabad



  • Ph.D Thesis: Dynamic analysis of laminated composite plates under combined thermal & elastic loading using FEM
  • M.Tech Thesis: 3D exact solution of thermal stresses in rectangular composite laminates

Membership Details

Sr.No. Details
1Fellow of IE
2Life member of ISTE

Subjects Taught

Sr. No. Title of course Taught Under graduate/Post graduate
1Machine Design UG
2Heat Transfer UG
3Metrology UG
4Engineering Drawing UG
5Advanced Machine Design PG
6Computer Aided Analysis PG

Teaching Experience

Sr. No. Name of Organization Designation Start Date End Date Total Duration in Years
1SGGS Institute of Engineering and Technology NandedProfessor1987-08-072016-02-2928

Administrative Experience/Responsibilities Shouldered

Sr. No. Details
1 Head of Workshop Department (2009-2014)
2 Head of Production Engineering (2014- Till date)

Sponsored Projects

Principle Investigator (PI)/Coordinator: 6   Co-investigator/Co-coordinator: 0
Sr. No. Sponsoring Agency Title of the project Type of Project Amount in lakhs Year of Sanction
1TEQIP -II-ICTDevelopment of Centrifugal Casting Machine for Metal Matrix CompositesInnovation networking project2.052014-15
2TEQIP -II-ICTSolar Based Water Recovery and Effluent Evaporation SystemInnovation networking project5.072014-15
3TEQIP -II-ICTDesign and fabrication of mobile blancher for turmeric processing using steam generated by solar systemsInnovation networking project12.52013-14
4AICTENonlinear Analysis of Composite Plates and Experimentation.AICTE-RPS62009-10
5AICTEEMD Scheme of EDC-62004-05
6AICTEStudies on dynamics of laminated composite structure and reliability ananysisAICTE-RPS7.52001-02

Research Area of Interest


Ph.D. Thesis Guided

  Completed: 10       Left: 1       On Going: 5    
Sr. No. Name of the Research scholar Title of the thesis Status Year
1 Uday Vasantrao Aswalekar Some Studies on Safety Management and Ergonomics : A System Approach Completed Awarded on 2018-06-22
2 ESHAN SAINATH AGRAWAL Manufacturing and Charecterisation of Composite Materials Completed Awarded on 2021-07-07
3 Deepak Chandrabhan Sonawane Use of Solar Energy for Effluent Treatment in Process Industry Completed Awarded on 2019-07-01
4 Santosh Shankarrao Choudhary Analysis If Composite Laminated Plates Subjected To Thermo-structural Loads Using Zigzag Theories Completed Awarded on 2013-09-30
5 Prasad Ramchandra Baviskar Study And Failure Analysis Of Rotor Shaft In Industrial Fans Using Vibration Techniques Completed Awarded on 2015-02-14
6 Mahesh Gurunathappa Harkare Thermo-structural Analysis, Design And Fabrication Of Mobile Blancher For Turmeric Processing Plant Completed Awarded on 2012-08-03
7 Rajkumar Dnyandeo Palhade Finite Element Simulation of Cap and Pin type Ceramic Disc Insulator Assembly under Structural, Thermal and Electrical Load Completed Awarded on 2015-06-13
8 DNYANESHWAR SHIVAJI MALWAD Performance Evaluation and Integration of Solar Thermal Systems Completed Awarded on 2021-07-23
9 ANUJA HANMANT KARLE Processing, Characterization of Particulate Filled Epoxy Based Composite for Wear Applications Completed Awarded on 2021-11-23
10 MASNAJI RAJARAM NUKULWAR Design and Performance Evaluation of Solar Dryer for Agricultural Products Completed Awarded on 2021-11-09
11 AVANI BALASAHEB LONDHE Some Studies on Efficiency Improvement of Solar (pv) Panel Left Awarded on
12 Nilesh Shivraj Birajdar Interface fracture assessment and Repair Methodology for sandwich composite structures On Going
13 RAMDAS BABUSINGH PATTHE Design Analysis & Fabrication Of Compound Parabolic Collector (CPC) For Steam Based Application On Going
16 JAGDISH BABUSING PAWAR Use of Nano Fluid in Solar Energy Storage System On Going0000-00-00

Master's Thesis Guided

Sr. No. Name of the Student Title of the thesis Status Level Year
1 Gayakwad Shital Manikrao Study of methodology for frequency tuning and assessment of tuning range using water cooling circuit for operational duty factor up to 10% for 325 MHz RFQ structure Awarded M.Tech. 2015
2 Fatnaik Prathmesh Pradip Investigation of erosion of electrical contacts in arcing phenomenon of switching devises with mathematical model and validation with experimental test Awarded M.Tech. 2015
3 Ms Magre Manisha Trimbakrao Experimental study on parameters affecting efficiency of solar photo voltaic panel Awarded M.Tech. 2015
4 Mr Sandip Gokulrao Utilization & Usage monitoring of safety critical aircraft components to increase aircraft safety Awarded M.Tech. 2015
5 Ms. Kalbhor Pooja Business Automation Process in Automotive Product Development Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the awards of Master of Technology in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Product Lifecycle Management Awarded M.Tech. 2014
6 Mr. Patthe Ramdas Determination of Fracture Parameter for a Crack in plates under Model loading using Finite Element Analysis Awarded M.Tech. 2014
7 Ms. Naphade Jayashri Computer Aided Analysis and Experimental validation to investigate the optimum deformation in Laminated Composite plats” Awarded M.Tech. 2014
8 Mr. Kulkarni Pratik Prediction and validation of interface friction in sheet metal forming using Bending under Tension Test Awarded M.Tech. 2014
9 Mr. Swapnil Dhengle Customization of Creo-elements to reduce design cycle time by protoolkit approach Awarded M.Tech. 2014
10 Jadhav Nilesh L Creation of custom forms in Teamcentre using service oriented architecture Awarded M.Tech. 2013
11 Sundge Roshani S. A procedure for exporting items with the help of custom toolbar using RAC in teamcentre Awarded M.Tech. 2013
12 Thote Abhijit B Thermal analysis of SiC/SiC composites for fusion reactor application Awarded M.Tech. 2013
13 Gaurkar Chaitanya V Structural analysis and optimization of straight arm of rotational molding machine Awarded M.Tech. 2013
14 Abhijit A. Bangale A real estate management information system Awarded M.Tech. 2012
15 Rahul Bhaskarrao Gunale Implementation of PLM in Apollo Tube Manufacturer Awarded M.Tech. 2012
16 Santosh S Swami Design modification and FE analysis of pipe clamp assembly Awarded M.Tech. 2012
17 Shrinivas Gangadharrao Sonune Study the effect of activating fluxes on GMAW and GTAW process for 8 mm thick AISI 304 ASS Awarded M.Tech. 2012
18 S.C. Potpelwar Design and analysis of an automotive bumper beam in low speed frontal crashes Awarded M.Tech. 2011
19 P.M. Salve Experimental analysis of laminated composite plates subjected to mechanical loading Awarded M.Tech. 2011
20 R.S. Sundge Dynamic analysis of sports equipment using finite element : A case study using tennis racket Awarded M.Tech. 2011
21 Atul Rajendra Patil Design and Development of shell and Tube heat exchanger by using CFD Awarded M.Tech. 2011
22 N.D. Dudhmal Design and analysis of composite drive shaft Awarded M.Tech. 2010
23 Gunwant G Mahajan FEA of composite laminated plate subjected to thermal loading using higher order theory Awarded M.Tech. 2010
24 Mr. Ishwar G. Randad Prediction of weld line movement and its control during deep drawing of TWB Awarded M.Tech. 2010
25 Mr. M.P. Jaju Effect of weld and prebend angle on limit strains during hydroforming Awarded M.Tech. 2010
26 Mr. Chaudhari M. Optimization of seat back for rear impact Awarded M.Tech. 2009
27 Ms. Nagdeve Vijaya Strain based analysis and design of bellows Awarded M.Tech. 2009
28 A.P. Nitnaware Modeling of coal combustion in a burner Awarded M.Tech. 2008
29 Khillare S.K. Analysis of disc-o-flex coupling Awarded M.Tech. 2008
30 Marlapalle B.G. Software development for wire frame to solid model Awarded M.Tech. 2008
31 Yerrawar R.N. Analysis & development of dynamic damper Awarded M.Tech. 2008
32 R.K. Shukla CFD of fluid flow in pumps Awarded M.Tech. 2007
33 Khillare U.G. Analysis of 4 cyl. Engine crankshaft Awarded M.Tech. 2006
34 Hanumant Shinde Fatigue of composites Awarded M.Tech. 2006
35 Dadge T.S. Design, fabrication & performance evaluation of portable wind mill Awarded M.Tech. 2005
36 J.P. Hothi Non-linear analysis of composite plates Awarded M.Tech. 2005
37 C R Deshmukh Analysis of sandwich plates Awarded M.Tech. 2005
38 P W Khadse Analysis of plates using zig zag theory Awarded M.Tech. 2004
39 S.S. Shanischar Design & analysis of a distributor for pelton turbine Awarded M.Tech. 2004
40 P.V. Bahadure A CAD tool for solution of numerical methods Awarded M.Tech. 2003
41 Santosh Sonar Modeling, analysis and fabrication of 2 stroke IC engine crank case for aircraft application. Awarded M.Tech. 2003
42 RD Chaudhari Thermo-elastic analysis of composites Awarded M.Tech. 2003
43 Durga Rao Finite element analysis of composites: dynamic ana. Awarded M.Tech. 2002
44 Kotwal C.S. Simulation of frame bending process using MSC.Dytran Awarded M.Tech. 2002
45 S.A. Ghadge Design & FEA of dual plate check valve Awarded M.Tech. 2002
46 Deepak Bari Finite element analysis of composites: NC elements Awarded M.Tech. 2001
47 Salodkar Sandeep Analysis of composites Awarded M.Tech. 2001
48 Manish Pawade Steady state and transient thermal Analysis of plates Awarded M.Tech. 1999
49 S.G. Mantri Gear box design Awarded M.Tech. 1999
50 P.P. Reddy FEA of cylindrical geometry parts Awarded M.Tech. 1998

Publications Summary

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Publications in Journal

Publications in International Journal :1
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1.    V. B. Tungikar and K.M. Rao, “Three dimensional exact solution of thermal stresses in rectangular composite laminate”, Composite Structures, Vol. 27, No. 4, 1994,  pp. 419-30.