Dr. Satish Tukaram Hamde

Shri Guru Gobind Singhji (SGGS) Institute of Engineering & Technology
Vishnupuri, Nanded-431 606 (MS)
Email(s): sthamde@sggs.ac.in; sthamde@yahoo.com
Phone : 2462224654   Mobile: 9423656082   Fax: 0

Brief Biography


Prof. Dr. S. T. Hamde completed B.E.(1987) and M.E.(1992) from the SGGS Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nanded and Ph.D. (2001) from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee. He is recipient of Annual A.N. Khosala best paper award for the research paper ECG Data Compression Using Non-Redundant Templates”, IETE Technical Review, Vol. 17, No. 5, pp 299-310 September-October, 2000 . He is a member of professional societies like IIPA, IETE,ISTE etc. He has 100+ publications in the national/international conferences, journals to his credit. 05 students have completed Ph.D. under his guidance and research work of 07 Ph.D. students is in progress. He also guided 30 masters thesis. His field of interest includes biomedical instrumentation and bio-signal processing. He worked as resource person for many CEPs, attended many short term courses and participated in workshops/ conferences organised by different national/international agencies. He has visited University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK and did a training on ECG signal processing in CARE Lab of Glasgow University. He has worked jointly with Prof. Macfarlane, University of Glasgow, Prof Dr. Vinod Kumar, IIT Roorkee, and Prof. Dr. Dilbag Singh, NIT, Jalandhar on a collaborative research in the field of ECG signal processing for finding normal limits of ECG parameters and created indigenous ECG database. He worked on various committees formed by NBA/AICTE/DTE/ UGC/Universities. He also worked as Controller of Examinations and Dean ( Academics) at SGGS Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nanded. Presenting working as Dean(R&D).

Membership Details

Sr.No. Details
1Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi

Subjects Taught

Sr. No. Title of course Taught Under graduate/Post graduate
1Sensors and Transducers UG
2Linear Integrated Ckts. and Applications UG
3Biomedical Instrumentation UG
4Control System Components UG
5Instrumentation Component Design UG
6Numerical Methods UG
7Process Control and Instrumentation UG
8Electrical Engineering UG
9 “C” Language UG
10Biomedical Signals and Processing PG
11Process Instrumentation PG

Teaching Experience

Sr. No. Name of Organization Designation Start Date End Date Total Duration in Years
1SGGSIE&T, NANDEDLecturer1987-08-262001-08-1514
2SGGSIE&T, NANDEDAsst.. Professor2001-08-162006-01-0105
3SGGSIE&T, NANDEDAssoc. Professor2006-01-012009-01-0103
4SGGSIE&T, NANDEDProfessor2009-01-01Till Date05

Administrative Experience/Responsibilities Shouldered

Sr. No. Details
1 In-charge, Electrical Maintenance Cell 2005-2006 02 years
2 Controller of Examinations 11.07.2006-02.06.2008 02 years
3 Chairman, Central Library 01.03.2009 01.08.2009 --do-- ½ year
4 Coordinator of Academic Activities 2011 2012 --do-- 02 years
5 Dean Academics 21.09.2012 16.09.2014 --do-- 02 years
6 Dean R&D 16.09.2014 Till date --do-- ---

Worked as editorial board member for National and International conference proceedings:

  1. the Proceedings of International Conference CERA 97 on Computer Applications in Electrical Engineering, 8-11 September 1997, University of Roorkee, ROORKEE.
  2. the Proceedings of National Conference on Biomedical Engineering, 21-22 April, 2000, University of Roorkee, ROORKEE.
  3. Coordinated the activity to conduct the regular short term courses  on Biomedical Instrumentation for Engineers, Doctors and Technicians at Biomedical Centre, SGGSCE&T, Nanded.

Co-ordinated different activities at Institute level such as : Preparation  and execution of DCA projects, Conduct of University exams, Preparation of Institute Staffing pattern. Worked as a member of  FE and ME admission committee and vehicle committee. Worked as Overall In-charge of FE classes administration. Arranged short and long industrial tours for students. Arranged health check up camps for SGGS employees and their family. Worked as Incharge, Electriical Maintenance Cell for two 

Sponsored Projects

Principle Investigator (PI)/Coordinator: 1   Co-investigator/Co-coordinator: 3
Sr. No. Sponsoring Agency Title of the project Type of Project Amount in lakhs Year of Sanction
1AICTEUp gradation of existing Analog & Digital instrumentation lab.AICTE-MODROB5.8082017-18
2TEQIP -II-ICTAutomatic Wheelchair Control using Speech RecognitionInnovation networking project2.952014-15
3BRNSComparision of Controllers for Power Control of Advanced Heavy Water ReactorResearch Project18.942009-10
4AICTEBiometrics based person identification and verification for securityAICTE-RPS52008-09

Research Area of Interest


Ph.D. Thesis Guided

  Completed: 11       On Going: 4    
Sr. No. Name of the Research scholar Title of the thesis Status Year
1 Dipali Uddhavrao Shinde Developments In Model Predictive Controllers For Process Control Applications
(joint guidance with Dr. L. M. Waghmare )
Completed Awarded on 2016-03-05
2 SHARAD PANDURANG JADHAV Some Studies on Fractional-order Controller for Industrial Application
(joint guidance with Dr. R. H. Chile )
Completed Awarded on 2017-11-03
3 Ajitkumar Gorakhnath Patil Study and Analysis of R.R Time Series Signal in Spinal
(joint guidance with Dr. R. H. Chile )
Completed Awarded on 2009-07-02
4 Ram Keshavrao Kanhe Electrocardiogram (ECG) Data Compression and Telemedicine Completed Awarded on 2017-06-03
5 Aruna Dinesh Deogire Analysis of ECG signal for measurement and detection of Q-T, S-T segments and T-wave alternans Completed Awarded on 2016-07-29
6 VIVEK SUDHAKAR RANE Masticatory Force Measurement and Analysis Completed Awarded on 2017-09-01
7 SANJAY TANAJI SANAMDIKAR Arrhythmia Analysis and Interpretation Completed Awarded on 2021-09-07
8 PRASHANT BANSILAL PATEL Investigations and Analysis of Mach-Zehnder Interferometery based Fiber Optics Sensors Completed Awarded on 2020-12-29
9 VANDANA VISHWANATHRAO KALE Medical Image Feature Extraction and Retrieval using separable and Non Separable Filter Bank Completed Awarded on 2021-01-28
10 Channappa Bhyri Use of Disease Coding and Scoring Patterns for Diagnosis of Heart Diseases Completed Awarded on 2013-12-20
11 Kalpana Kashappa Vanjerkhede Study of Effect of Diabetes on ECG Completed Awarded on 2015-08-22
12 DEEPAK ONKAR PATIL Brain Tumor Image Processing and Feature Extraction On Going0000-00-00
13 UMESH MADHUKARRAO THORKAR Studies on Assessment of Dermatological Diseases based on biophysical parameters of the skin and ultrasound imaging Technique On Going
14 PANKAJ RAJENDRA RAJBHOJ Investigation of the Tracking and Quality of the Power in Solar PV System On Going
(joint guidance with Dr. R. H. Chile )
On Going

Master's Thesis Guided

Sr. No. Name of the Student Title of the thesis Status Level Year

Publications Summary

1 International Journal 1
Total 1

Publications in Journal

Publications in International Journal :1
Sr. No. Details

Journal Papers :

  1. Saxena S.C., Vinod Kumar and Hamde S. T., “ECG Data Compression Using Non-Redundant Templates”, IETE Technical Review, Vol. 17, No. 5, pp 299-310 September-October, 2000.
  2. Saxena S.C., Vinod Kumar and Hamde S. T., “Feature Extraction from ECG Signal using Wavelet Transforms for Disease Diagnostics”, International Journal of Systems Science, Vol. 33, No. 13, pp 1073-1085, U.K., 2002.
  3. Saxena S.C., Vinod Kumar and Hamde S. T., “QRS Detection Using New Wavelets”, Journal of Medical Engineering and Technology, Vol.26, No. 1, pp 7-15, U.K., 2002.
  4. A. G. Patil, R. H. Chile, and Hamde S. T., “RR Variability in Spinal Cord Injured Patients”, Internet  Journal of Bioengineering, vol.3, No.1, 2008.
  5. A. G. Patil, R. H. Chile, and Hamde S. T., “Wireless System for Measurements of RR Variability During Physical Activity”, Internet  Journal of Bioengineering,  vol. 3, No. 2 ,2009.
  6. S.T.Hamde,  L.M.Waghmare, Channappa Bhyri , Kalpana.V, Estimation of ECG features using LabVIEW, International Journal of Computing Science and Communication Technologies, Vol. 2, Issue 1,  July 2009.
  7. P.B. Patel, V.S. Rane, S.T. Hamde and B.S. Chaudhari. “Characterization of the Properties of an Optical Wave Field : an Investigation.” International Journal of Environmental Research and Development, Vol. 4, No. 2, pp 549-553, India, 2009.
  8. Channappa Bhyri, S.T. Hamde and L.M. Waghmare,” ECG feature extraction and disease diagnosis,” Journal of Medical Engineering & amp; Technology, 1–8, 2011.
  9. Channappa Bhyri, S.T. Hamde and L.M. Waghmare, “ ECG Acquisition and Analysis System for Diagnosis of Heart Diseases,”  Sensors & Transducers Journal, Vol. 133, Issue 10, pp. 18-29, October 2011.
  10. V. Kalpana, S.T. Hamde and L.M. Waghmare, “A Hybrid Technique For ECG Parameter Extraction Using LabVIEW and MATLAB,” RESEARCH  ARTICLE, Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics, Vol. 1, 1–6, 2011.
  11. A. G. Patil, R. H. Chile, and Hamde S. T., “Statistical analysis of RR series variability in spinal cord injured persons”, Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology,36(3): 180-184, 2012.
  12. V. Kalpana, S.T. Hamde and L.M. Waghmare, “Non-invasive estimation of diabetes related features from ECG using graphical programming language and matlab,” Journal of Mechanics and medicine in biology, Vol. 12, No. 4, 2012.
  13. Kalpana, S.T. Hamde and L.M. Waghmare, “ECG feature extraction using Principal Component Analysis for studying the effect of diabetes,” Journal of Medical Engineering and Technology, 37(2), pp 116-126, 2013.
  14. P. W. Macfarlane, I. A. Katibi, S. T. Hamde, D. Singh, E. Clark, B. Devine B. G. Francq, S. Lloyd, V. Kumar, “Racial differences in the ECG – selected aspects”, ELSEVIER Journal of Electrocardiology, Vol.47, pp 809 - 814, 2014.
  15. Peter W. Macfarlane, Suzanne M. Lloyd, Dilbag Singh, Satish Hamde, Elaine Clark, Brian Devine, Bernard G. Francq, V. Kumar, “Normal limits of the electrocardiogram in Indians”, ELSEVIER, ScienceDirect Journal of Electrocardiology, Vol.xx, pp xxx - xxx, 20xx.

International Visits

Sr. No. Details

Did training on ECG signal processing at CORE laboratory of University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK during June, 2006. Jointly working on a project to establish ECG database from healthy native population. Coordinators are Professor P. W. Macfarlale, who is a Director of Clinical Research center, University of Glasgow, Scotland, Prof Vinod Kumar from IIT, Roorkee and Dr. Dilbag Singh from NIT, Jalandhar.

STTP(Course)/Workshop/Event Organized

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Start Date End Date Type Duration
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