The Rea++l Time Bus Monitoring and Passenger Information system is a standalone system that displays the real time location(s) of the buses in India. This system, designed to be deployed at various bus stops around city, is comprised of a power source, a battery, a microprocessor, LEDs, and RF Transceiver. The RF Transceiver will be used to poll a signal from the systems installed on the buses that contains GPS data of each bus’s location. The data will then be processed by a microprocessor con enacted to the RF transceiver and used to display on the LEDs (control unit) that will represent each bus’s location and on the LCD screens on the bus stops. This system will assist pedestrians in making the decision of whether to wait for the bus or walk.

This system can be used by fleet operators for fleet management functions such as fleet tracking, routing, dispatching, on-board information and security. We use that technology for number of purposes, including monitoring schedule adherence of buses in service, triggering changes of buses destination sign displays at the end of line and triggering pre-recorded announcements for passengers. This framework can be utilized by armada administrators for armada administration capacities, for example, armada following, steering, dispatching, on-board data and security. We utilize that innovation for number of purposes, including checking plan adherence of transports in administration, activating changes of transports destination sign showcases toward the end of line and activating pre-recorded declarations for travelers.