An alternative fuel vehicle is a vehicle that runs on a fuel other than traditional petroleum fuels (petrol or Diesel fuel); and also refers to any technology of powering an engine that does not involve solely petroleum (e.g. electric car, hybrid electric vehicles, solar powered).Solar cars only run on solar power from the sun. They are very stable and can come in different sizes. To keep the car running smoothly, the driver must keep an eye on these gauges to spot possible problems. Cars without gauges almost always feature wireless telemetry, which allows the driver's team to monitor the car's energy consumption, solar energy capture and other parameters and thereby freeing the driver to concentrate on driving. The gasoline powered vehicle has hundreds of moving parts and requires a wide range of maintenance, from frequent oil changes, filter replacements, periodic tune ups, and exhaust system repairs, to the less frequent component replacement, such as the water pump, fuel pump, alternator, etc.

State-of-the-art lead acid batteries used in current electric vehicles are sealed and are maintenance free. However, the lives of these batteries are limited and will require periodic replacement. New batteries are being developed that will not only extend the range of electric vehicles but will also extend the life of the battery pack which may eliminate the need to replace the battery pack during the life of the vehicle.