Wireless energy transfer is a method of getting useful electricity from one place to another without the need for electrical conducting media. Wireless energy transfer technique fall into two categories, non-radiative and radiative. In non-radiative technique , power is typically transferred by magnetic fields using inductive coupling between coil of wire. Usually, this process involves a phenomenon known as electromagnetic induction. Other methods, particularly radio-frequency (RF) microwaves and laser beams, have also been used .

The Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla first observed electromagnetic induction in the latter part of the 19th century. The wireless transfer of information has brought a lot of convenience to life .The dream of a day when electric cables, outlets and adapters are no longer necessary has driven the research of wireless energy transfer. What kind of energy could be transferred wirelessly? Obviously, energy stored in chemical bonds within molecules like glucose or methane cannot be transferred without the moving of the material itself; Heat can be transferred wirelessly quite easily, but getting your laptop PC to use heat is not that easy.

So we will talk about electric energy, which is being used most widely and easily. Utilization of this write incorporate electric toothbrush chargers, RFID labels, smartcards, and chargers for implantable therapeutic gadgets like manufactured heart pacemakers, and inductive controlling or charging of electric vehicles like prepare or transports. A present center is to create remote framework to charge mobiles and handheld registering gadgets, for example, cellphones and compact PCs without being fastened to plug.