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41Computer Science and EngineeringIssuing of BooksIf someone has Book-Bank facility and he submitted the documents in 1st year so he does not need to resubmit the documents in every year.If you know he had book-bank facility in previous year then why you take documents in every year.2016-01-062016-02-02Resolved By admin
42Mechanical EngineeringReading RoomRespected sir plz open the e-library upto 10 PM.because our college is upto 5:30 thats why we cannot use e-library faculty.Recruite a skilled person there who can manage e-library effectively. Thanking you I hope you definitely take action on this.2016-01-172016-02-02Resolved By admin
43Electronics and Telecommunications EnggIssuing of Bookswe are facing difficulties due to un availability of books of a nelson mechanics2016-01-192016-02-12Resolved By admin
44Computer Science and EngineeringQuantity of BooksNo book issued since 15 days. Lack of all the books for TY CSE.2016-02-022016-02-02Resolved By admin
45Computer Science and EngineeringIssuing of BooksThe employees are unable to search the books. Everytime i go they give reasons and tell me to visit after wards2016-02-022016-02-02Resolved By admin
46Computer Science and EngineeringE-LibraryOnly few LAN cables are active.Most of the LAN cables are inactive.Due to this lots of students are disappointed with this facility. Please make it active soon.2016-03-072016-03-18Resolved By admin
47Electronics and Telecommunications EnggDetails of Book Requiredharkare book is required for F Y EME subject. so please order the book before exams2016-03-102016-03-18Resolved By admin
48Chemical EngineeringNumber of Books RequiredSir books are not available at Library, Still we are far from books so please order the books before examination.2016-03-102016-03-16Resolved By Shraddha Rajabhau Panchal
49Mechanical EngineeringIssuing of Booksi am going to be present in college in holidays.i need books for studying,but they're giving reasons like books are available for only backlog students.What are we supposed to do then.Those books are for us.And they're refusing to give us.Even whe n i'm not going home!!12016-05-062016-05-25Resolved By admin
50Information TechnologyIssuing of BooksI received one book earlier but I want one another book But they said that had I one book issued earlier I don't get another book.I have currently only one book issued. Everyone taking thank book but I didn't get that book... This is partiality Pls get attention and take attention Thanking u...2016-07-192016-07-21Resolved By admin
51Textile EngineeringQuantity of Booksrespected sir, the principle of textile testing by J.E.Booth book is not available.kindly request to avail the book.2016-08-052016-08-31Resolved By admin
52Mechanical EngineeringDetails of Book RequiredTHERMODYNAMIC BOOK AUTHER -D. S. KUMAR This book not available library please available this book imidiatly THNK YOU.2016-08-082016-08-31Resolved By admin
53Instrumentation EngineeringE-LibraryI feel very proud of my library.specially E library which is open for 12 hours daily. Sir but students with laptop are taking LAN from PCs and all PCs are not working.students just me who don't have laptops cannot take use of facilities.plz do strict action....... Your student2016-08-182016-08-31Resolved By admin
54Instrumentation EngineeringCleannessBathroom is blocked2016-08-232016-08-31Resolved By admin
55Production EngineeringE-Librarysir, As we have to study in the evening so I request you to increase the library time upto 12:00. Dont make it for exam time only,because we have prepare for different exams. And please allow us to bring laptops in the e-library because we need to refer different sources for education purpose. I hope that I will see these changes as as possible.. thank you2016-10-132016-10-25Resolved By admin
56Civil and Water ManagementE-LibraryThe purpose of e-library is for digital way of studies. For so one needs a computer. There are not enough no. of computers available in the e-library. Also to make the matter worse the students are not allowed to carry their personal laptops inside the e library and are forced to seat in the Reading hall section which does not have proper charging/internet facilities. If the students are not allowed to utilize the given infrastructure(e-Library) then there is no point in having one. Because of some students who do not study & misuse the facility it is causing loss to the students who want to study. its my sincere request to Honorable Director sir to please look into the matter.2016-10-202016-10-25Resolved By admin
57Instrumentation EngineeringCleannessPlz clean washroom and basin2016-11-062016-11-11Resolved By admin
58Electronics and Telecommunications EnggDetails of Book RequiredImportant books like Ramakant Gayakwad for Operational amplifier & Mitra for DSP not available in library.2017-01-092017-01-31Resolved By admin
59Textile EngineeringE-LibraryRespected sir, I just want to know student from textile technology are allowed to use CCF or not Because today I was asked to leave the lab I told them I am from textile technology department even though I told them they told me use computer from ur department So let me Know wether other departments are allowed to visit CCF OR not2017-07-242017-09-19Resolved By admin
60Electronics and Telecommunications EnggIssuing of BooksAlthough I've already submitted the books i've borrowed.the OPAC was showing 6 books on my name.this resulted in additional due of approx 1200 rs. When i told this to the librarian and he corrected the books status as submitted. But it increased due to amount of 1900 from earlier due 700.please do something about it. I don't want to pay due for to something i've never did.2017-08-142017-09-19Resolved By admin
61Information TechnologyE-Librarysir it is exam time+ placement time it will lot helpful if e-lab time is increased to 12:00am from tomorrow. and if time is 10:00pm that sir ask us to leave around 9:40/9:35 ,this time should be 10:00 if allowedtime is of 10:00..2017-09-182018-02-10Resolved By admin
62Mechanical EngineeringNumber of Books RequiredI have filled the form for requirement of RK Rajput for Refrigeration and air conditioning but the book has not yet arrived in the library.2017-09-192017-10-09Resolved By admin
63Computer Science and EngineeringReading Roomsir its exam time and people who will be seating there are not coming on time ..and they should have preior decison who will there for the day after coming here they are arguing who wiil be seating... it is juast westing our time....2017-10-022018-02-10Resolved By admin
64Chemical EngineeringE-LibraryTiming of e-library should be extended till 12 am because B-tech company will be come on 9th of October and we want to do study of gate so please extend the timing of library from 10 pm to 12 am2017-10-052017-10-09Resolved By admin
65Electronics and Telecommunications EnggReading RoomHeights of tables in the reading room is quite high than the normal level. Which makes the students to use 2 chairs. This effects the quantity of chairs present in the reading room.2017-11-142018-02-10Resolved By admin
66Computer Science and EngineeringReading RoomRespected sir/madam, The light near the wall clock in the E-Library keeps flickering due to the fan just below it. It causes strain on eyes. It would be helpful if you can come up with some solution. Thanking you.2018-03-302018-04-07Resolved By admin
67Information TechnologyE-LibraryThe Ac in e-lab are not in working condition and as compare to outside of e lab the temperature in e lab are high so please take any action because in afternoon we are not able to seat here.....2018-04-102018-05-05Resolved By admin