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Introduction and Appeal

Sadbhavana Scholarship

In the year 2010, two of our alumni & members of S.G.G.S. Engineers Alumni Association (SEAA) (requesting anonymity) had committed to give 1 Lakh every year for supporting education of the students of SGGSIE&T, Nanded belonging to the economically weaker families and do not receive scholarship from any other agency. They started giving this support with the title Sadbhavana Scholarship. From year 2011, they raised the amount of donation from 1.0 lakh to to 1.50 lakhs. They are supporting the economically weak, needy and deserving students of this institute every year since then. These efforts were appreciated by many alumni. 

These efforts of initiatiors motivated other alumni to contribute towards the Sadbhavana Scholarship as per the convenience of them. Starting with two donors in 2010, number of donors increasing every year but the lion’s share of the donation amount is still due to the original donors.  Alumni of 1989 batch of C&WM department decleared ONE Sadnhavana scholarship of Rs.25000/- every year to needy identified student through interest earned on FD of 3.75 lakh.

Objective: The objective of the Sadbhavana Scholarship is to support students belonging to economically weaker families who do not receive scholarship from any other agency for supporting them in continuing their engineering education  

Scope: The scholarship is awarded to students who are taking education in SGGSIE&T, Nanded. It covers all the branches. This scholarship is awarded to under graduate students only.

Eligibility: Family income is the only criteria for selection. There is no barrier of marks, caste, gender, and branch.

Duration: Once awarded, Scholarship shall be continued till graduation of the beneficiary.

Supporting Amount in Scholarship:  In 2010, this scholarship was distributed among four students (Rs. 25,000 each) and from 2011, this support is extended to six students because of increase in the donation amount. Through support of other donors, the number of beneficiaries could be raised to 8, 13, 18 in 2012-13, 2013-14 respectively. List of the donors and beneficiaries is available with SEAA office and also at this web site.

  1. Conditions for scholarship:
    1. Students having the lowest family income shall be given preference in the ascending order.
    2. The Scholarship shall be discontinued if a student fails in the examination or do not clear all the subjects in the previous final examination of the course for which scholarship is awarded.
    3. If a student is found to have obtained a scholarship by false statement/certificates, his/her scholarship shall be cancelled forthwith and the amount of the scholarship paid shall be recovered.
    4. The Scholarship shall be given through the cheque to the selected students in every Alumni Meet.
  2. Renewal of Scholarship: The scholarship, once awarded, may be renewed during the next academic year of the course on the production of certificate that the student has cleared all the subjects of both semesters.
  3. Appreciation:
  1. Giving back to Sadbhavana:

One of the beneficiaries of Sadbhavana Scholarship and Alumnus of the year 2013, Mr. Ashrama Vijaykumar Lalooram, CWM Department donated Rs. 20,000.00 from his first salary to Sadbhavana Scholarship.

  1. Self Declaration:

In the year 2011-12, Mr. Bondare Maheshwar Gangaram approached to the committee and informed that his elder sister got a job and is ready to support for his education expenses. He requested the committee not to award scholarship to him so that the benefit could be extended to some other needy student.

II. Selection Committee:

Presidents of SEAA declare a search committee of faculty members who are in the executive council of SEAA. One member of this committee is from account section. This committee sorts out the application forms received and invite the eligible student for formal discussion. Based on the discussion, committee identifies six students and recommend their names to the president and finally, president declare the list of selected students for Sadbhavana scholarship.

III. Contribution by Others (Donors): As mentioned earlier, few faculty members of our institute supported Sadbhavana Scholarship and, therefore, we could extend this support to 8 and 13 in 2012-13 and 2013-14 respectively. Anyone (SGGS alumnus and faculty / staff) can extend his/her support in Sadbhavana scholarship.

IV. Procedure of Donation: You can contribute to this scholarship by donating through cash/cheque/DD/or directly to the account of SEAA.  You can contact to any one of the following for queries related to donations for Sadbhavana Scholarship:

Dr. J. V. L. Venkatesh, Secretary, SEAA,

Mobile: +91-9657720072


Dr. Arunkumar R. Patil,

Joint Secretary, SEAA,

Mobile: +91-9420667071

Director's Appeal: There are many students who deserve but stay away because of the limited funds. Therefore, due to your contribution to Sadbhavana scholarship we extend our help to more and more such students.


Sadbhavana Scholarship

Year No. of Donations No. of Receipent Amount Received (in Rs) Amount Distributed (in Rs)
2015-16 17 21 525000 525000
2014-15 13 18 450000 450000
2013-14 21 13 325000 325000
2012-13 6 8 200000 200000
2011-12 2 6 150000 150000
2010-11 2 4 100000 100000
Total 61 70 1750000 1750000