Late Smt. Nanibala Pramanik Memorial Award

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Introduction and Appeal

Late Smt. Nanibala Pramanik Memorial Award


Dr. P. Pramanik, Professor, Department of Textile Technology, decleared  award consisting of cash prize of Rs. 8000/- (Rupees Eight Thousand only) interest earned on Fixed deposit of Rs. 1.0 Lakh (One Lakh), Certificate of Academic Excellence and Gold Medal in the memory of his beloved mother Late Smt. Nanibala Pramanik. This award will be given to the one, who has scored Rank-I at T. Y. B. Tech.(Textile Technology) of every academic year. Since it is declared on the eve of the alumni meet 2015, the first award will be given to the first ranker of T. Y. B. Tech. (Textile Technology) of the academic year 2014-15. The first recepient of this award is Ms. Ashvina Sunil Patil having CGA 8.67 over a Ten point scale with registration no. (2013BTT507)

Late Smt. Nanibala Pramanik Memorial Award

Year No. of Donations No. of Receipent Amount Received (in Rs) Amount Distributed (in Rs)
2014-15 1 1 8000 8000
Total 1 1 8000 8000


Academic Year Name Year Rank
2014-15 Ashvina Sunil Patil TY First